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Sustainability concept

Definition of sustainability

The ways of looking at sustainability are as diverse as the areas in which it is applied. Sustainability is basically an action principle for using resources, where preservation of the essential qualities, stability and natural regenerative ability of each system are prominent. The stem of the word is based on “sustain”, which is used in forestry to mean the aim of not felling more trees than can grow again. It therefore describes a system that is capable of regeneration or being regenerated.

Our approach to sustainability

In our group of companies, the value of sustainability is not restricted to just one area, but affects the core issues of economy, ecology and social matters, as well as their association in theory and practice.

In our processes, we basically look at preventative avoidance of dangers and risks with regard to environmental pollution, waste of resources, industrial accidents and occupational diseases. We keep to this voluntary agreement by complying with national and international standards such as ISO and FSC® (FSC® C112713) and with project work, consistent energy management and active workplace health promotion.

We our pass on our company philosophy to others through our membership of “Umweltpakt Bayern” (Bavarian Environmental Pact) and “Wirtschaft weiß-blau” at the Bavarian association of businesses.

Ethik in Business

As a visible member of the SEDEX database. we show our customers, partners and suppliers that we prioritise an respect the principles of ethical and social sustainability.


A cyclically updated list of our CSR activities is available from our cooperation partner For detailed information about our sustainability concept, please refer to our CSR commitment, which can be requested from verkauf(at)

Thank you

We would like to thank our current CSR partners and we look forward to continued successful cooperation for a shared sustainable future.

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