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Think globally – act locally...

... And that’s why Coburger Kartonagenfabrik deliberately didn’t give any Christmas presents again last year.

Instead, as part of our social responsibility, we gave the budget earmarked for Christmas presents to a charitable organisation with a worthwhile and lasting commitment to our region.

We are glad that this donation is supporting the daily work of childhood cancer charity Stiftung für Krebskranke Kinder Coburg, and we hope that it will go some way to helping sick children and their families.

The uniformly positive response from our business partners confirms that we have done the right thing.


On the way to the European Championships 2028

The right equipment will help make this dream come true.

That’s why Coburger Kartonagenfabrik has equipped the F youth team of TSV Unterlauter football club with a new kit – and who knows? Maybe one of the young footballing hopefuls will get to make the leap onto the international stage.


Coburger Kartonagenfabrik (COKA) at the Technical College for Print and Media Technology Nuremberg

Mr Wölker, Quality Control Manager, presented COKA as a medium-sized family firm, on 14/03/2019. Mr Wölker explained how the business has developed in recent years, and the importance of young managers in the printing and packaging industry.

He also covered the important topic of opportunities for further training, ranging from technician training to supervision of seminar papers. Mr Wölker was able to give the students an insight into current issues, especially in the field of quality control. We would like to express our thanks for the close cooperation that the students also followed with great interest.


“It’s interesting how many steps are involved in making a folding box.”

That was one of the astonished reactions during a peek behind the scenes of a modern packaging company.

Apprentices from Finanzamt Coburg had the opportunity to get a picture of the complicated production processes behind an apparently simple cardboard box.

It was “a classic example of looking outside the box!”



Think globally – act locally...

… with this approach in mind, Coburger Kartonagenfabrik intentionally did not give any Christmas gifts last year.

We have fulfilled our social responsibility and given the entire budget for presents to charity, not least because of the lasting impression made by the stories of some of our staff.

We are glad to be supporting the daily work of the Stiftung für Krebskranke Kinder Coburg [Coburg foundation for children with cancer] with our donation. We are sure that it will make a valuable contribution to this immensely important support in our region.


National Model United Nations

NMUN is the world’s largest simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. Over 5,000 students from all over the world take part in it each year.

Participating delegations are tasked with representing one of the 193 UN member states. The four-day negotiations at the UN headquarters in New York focus on intercultural exchange on current issues in world politics.

This year, the 11th delegation from the University of Coburg, with 14 students, represented the interests of Mali in West Africa.
As part of the CSR Concept, Coburger Kartonagenfabrik supported this successful project this year too.



Zeig DICH!-Tour 2016

As a careers fair “on wheels”, the “Zeig-Dich-Tour 2016” also toured the Coburg region in its 5th year. Six young people were interested in collapsible boxes and found out lots of new things about cardboard, corrugated card and colour. This time, as a special highlight, a reporter from local radio station Radio EINS accompanied our group of visitors on an exciting tour through the factory buildings of Coburger Kartonagenfabrik. Some participants even took part in an interview live on radio.


The Carnival is over

Costumes are put back in the wardrobe until 11th November next year. This time, the valuable hats are stored an exclusive, silvery-blue hat box from the Coburger Kartonagenfabrik range: a sturdy, single-wall corrugated box with carrying handle, in an attractive design. This gives the Grüne Garde Weidach dance troupe a head start for the coming dance season.


"Really funny coats"

COKA welcomed children from the Coburg Caritas Kindergarten Leo as one of the first official visiting groups of the New Year. First of all the "2027/28 trainees" were able to take a look at our production and just like the grown-ups had to observe the hygiene regulations. As one little imp put it: "We had to dress up in funny coats and put on a hairnet". The tour was followed by a visit to the newly refurbished canteen for a large portion of spaghetti Bolognese and ice for dessert. Each child also naturally found a small gift on the table. Sufficiently refreshed work was started on putting together a neat double-decker box, after all we want to keep up the spirits of our potential future recruits and spark their interest in our work at an early age.

Click the link below to access the photo gallery.


Collection dragon – Ernestinum Coburg Grammar School

We are supporting the collection dragon project by handing over old mobile phones. The campaign sees the pupils at the Ernestinum Grammar School collecting old electronic equipment for recycling. The collection points achieved for each item can be exchanged for useful school equipment.


Hartz & Herzlich move to new premises

The "social shop" of the Hartz & Herzlich e.V. club has moved to new, more spacious premises. COKA provided 1,200 corrugated cardboard cartons free of charge for the transport of the stock and inventory.


Girls' Future Day

This Girls’ Day, we gave 10 female middle school pupils an insight into the many different aspects of the role of packaging technologist. The pupils were able to experience all aspects, both theoretical and practical, of this trade, which requires formal training.    

Girls’ Day is held every year and is an inherent part of our CSR concept.


What is a packaging technologist?

Class 8 of Bad Rodach secondary school visited the Coburg cardboard packaging factory as part of their careers guidance.



Significant reduction in ernergy consumption

On 15/02/2013, Coburger Kartonagenfabrik successfully passed the certification audit in accordance with ISO 50001:2011.

The standard supports businesses as they put in place systematic and effective energy management.


We can achieve more together! 
Advent calendars for children

In order to make the time before Christmas sweeter for children, Coburger Kartonagen donated, via the “Coburg – The Family City” alliance office, a filled advent calendar to many children – and thus wished the boys and girls a lovely Advent season. 


Team training for apprentices

At the beginning of the new apprenticeship year, a special team training event for all of our apprentices took place in September 2012.


Coburger Kartonagenfabrik GmbH makes a donation to the "Wohnnest"

The Coburger Kartonagenfabrik is supporting the "Wohnnest" project launched by the handicapped children's association in Coburg and came up with a novel idea.

Instead of Christmas presents the company group donated an amount for each Christmas card and then rounded up the sum.


AOK-BGF Award 2010 for Coburg cardboard factory

Coburger Kartonagenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG has received an award from AOK Bayern (Germany’s largest health insurance provider, in Bavaria) for exemplary health promotion in the workplace (Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung or BGF).  

Since 2005, the health insurance provider has presented this award to companies that have successfully championed healthy workplaces and supported their staff in adopting healthier behaviour. 


AEO certificate for the Coburger Kartonagenfabrik

The Coburger Kartonagenfabrik obtained the AEO certificate on 3rd May 2011 and since then has been an “authorized economic operator for simplification under customs law”. It means that our company is classified by the principal customs authorities as especially trustworthy and reliable.

The AEO certificate brings important advantages in international goods transport for both the Coburger Kartonagenfabrik an our partners. 



A new group film on the Coburger & Bergischen Kartonagenfabriken presents the competence of both companies in a brief but informative format. The film gives new and regular customers an initial insight into our extensive know-how.  

Intersected parties can arrange a date with their COKA or BEDA contact partner and either view the film beforehand with our field team or see the group film on site. 

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