Inline-laminating Plant

With precision from sheets to corrugation


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Individually, depending on the application

Single layer

Our standard range

In Coburg we employ several modern laminating machines to laminate multi-coloured printed offset sheets on three different corrugated profiles.


During the single-layer design you can chooses between B, E and F corrugation depending on intended purpose.


Special solutions with tear-off cords or adhesive strip are likewise possible.


It means we can combine the brilliance of offset printing with the stability of the corrugation to form an ideal, sales-enhancing and robust packaging solution.


The ongoing further development of these machines ensures that you always benefit from a very high quality level.

Double layer

COKA-Star 1: Bobst-Masterflute

Our double-layer production runs on the world’s most modern inline unit.


Any combination of corrugation profiles BB to FF is possible entirely depending on the individual packaging requirements.


Benefits include material flexibility, stability, print image representation and much more.


Inner cover printing stands out from a large number of finishing features.



More technical details are available by email at Doppelwelle(at)


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